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Cathedral Caverns
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Thursday, September 30, 2010

From Happily Ever After Reviews

Monica’s Review

I love Young Adult books and I was really excited to find this Fantasy Young Adult book by Melissa Swaim, who is an author I’d not read before. Let me start out by saying that Ms. Swaim takes a lot of chances in this book, she seems to dream big, and she gives her young heroine—Fee—a lot to do. I really enjoyed the sheer uniqueness of her story.

The concept is that Farron, a shapeshifter who can be both reptile and human, is responsible for handling negotiations between humans and a reptilian race that most humans know nothing about. Fee gets mixed up in this—and with Farron—and finds herself fighting along side him to save the world.

Fee is, I think, a very relatable character to young women. She suffers from an eating disorder and has endured terrible tragedy in her own life, which makes her sensitive and somewhat lost in the beginning of the book. I think a lot of teenagers will relate to her.

If I have any complaints with the book, it is that the author spends a lot of time telling us what Fee is feeling instead of showing us. Ms. Swaim clearly has a tremendous imagination and I think the more she writes the better the craft will get. I recommend Dividing Dark to anyone who likes Young Adult books that delve into fantasy and the paranormal.

3 Tea Cups!

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