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Cathedral Caverns
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Enter the fantasy world of Dividing Dark

Friday, November 12, 2010

From Fantasy Book Reviews

love new authors! It is always an interesting experience reading one of the first books from an author, it seems to me that the first book is always amazing… or horrible. Of course the first book for an author is a defining experience and moment for them. I month or so ago I finished Dividing Dark by Melissa Swaim, her first novel, and loved it! The first night I started reading, I emailed Melissa to tell her how excited I was about her book, it was so good. I loved the twists. Dividing Dark is a young adult science fiction novel that was unlike anything I’d read before. The teenage girl in me ate it up, it was extremely unique and enjoyable.


The main character is a girl… not really a surprise. She meets a boy who is automatically attracted to her and driven to protect her… still a common characteristic. But you’ll never guess the twist of the paranormal that exist in the story, it’s pretty cool. The setting of the story is in this stormy, cliff prone, cave riddled, mountainous region that just adds to the ambiance. The girl, Fee, just moved to this town that is holding a pretty big secret, and the prologue is extremely gripping in how it sets the scene for what this secret is. So although there are some rather simple plot details, the characters are great and the story has it’s own uniqueness that drives you to keep reading. I only hope Melissa will keep writing, and forgive me for taking so long to post!



Limited Sexual Content

No Foul Language

No Drinking, Smoking or Drugs

Limited Violence

Age Recommendation 10+

Author comment- the age recommendation from me is over 14, at least. I find some of the subject matter troubling for those younger...or even for my age.