Cathedral Caverns

Cathedral Caverns
the locale of the book and a magickal place


Enter the fantasy world of Dividing Dark

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Me and caves, not the best of friends. Ask my husband. I'm scared of heights, scared of mountains, etc.

But I felt this inner calling to see these dark, mysterious places. Being in a cave is like being on another planet. It is breathtaking, yet alien and dangerous.

When I read in a local paper that the maps to the local caves were being made classified and removed from puplic record, I wondered why. I like a good conspiracy. What are they hiding? I decided to imagine they were hiding Reptile monsters for my book. Who knows? Maybe they are. Now Tennessee is closing all access to their caves. They say it is a virus. Could be. Could be not. People are afraid of viruses, seems like a good excuse or maybe it is true.

All I know is that if people realize how beautiful these places are, they would work to preserve and care for them. It is my hope that people come to love these places like I do. Yes, I'm still scared of going in them, but I respect nature and tread gently upon it.

Share the adventure in my book if you like and then go to these real places and see if you don't feel what I do, and just maybe they will bring magick to your life.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


There is nothing safe in this world, nothing sure to believe in, so how is a 16-year-old girl with an eating disorder supposed to reconcile the ancient wounds between the Annunaki, the Reptilian Watchers, and the human race, who were abandoned after the fall?

After Flannery “Fee” Birch loses her father in Afghanistan, she ends up in the alien land of Alabama, where she learns the art of spelunking (caving) in order to make friends. To make matters worse, Fee is afraid of caves, heights, and just about everything else…until she meets Faron Rothschild, an outcast from either world, though an emissary for both. Faron’s mixed blood kind took up the role of protecting humans, whom the Anunnaki abandoned and later warred with, while also keeping the Anunnaki secret from the world who forgot them. Not an easy task, but a great burden for a shape shifter who can switch between both sets of his DNA, human and Reptilian. This is a secret that must be maintained at all cost, and Fee, who once tried to disappear from life, pound by pound, must overcome personal demons and issues, to not only rectify her own life, but demand truce between light and darkness.

This is the gist of my book. I would love to share why I wrote it, so hang out with me if you have some time. I've written other books, but this one comes from my soul. I had given up writing after a friend of mine (and her mother) was murdered several years ago. I just didn't have it in me to write anymore. Then bits and pieces of this story started coming to me, and I knew I had to listen, so I wrote it and am dedicating it to my friend who never got her happy ending. She was planning her wedding when she was taken away. Maybe that's why the ending of my book took the unexpected direction it did. You see, I never use an outline so I am just as surprised as the reader as to what happens. So Angelique, this book is for you. And to my future readers, please share in it to. I wrote it to warm the hearts of anyone who needs a little darkness taken away. It is for all ages, young adult to adult.